Witnessing the digital transformation era, with all its dynamic changes and pivotal market transactions, reflects the solidity of our corporate and how it coped up with these variations and resisted any massive obstacles over years until settled on the market leadership rank. Today, as we are a complex conglomerate managing 5 companies in trading, construction, energy, fashion, public relations, and more industries; we have paved our route towards stability and success. We are now managing centrally, from Cairo and New York headquarters businesses that cover more than 18 countries around the world. As Bee Group ages, I find out how extensive market research and scientific analysis have fueled my knowledge and contributed to establishing a solid ground for our company that secured our customers and workers as well.
I praise myself, partners, vendors, each and everyone working in Bee Group for this success. We owe you our rank and we promise to sustain a quality standard that inspires others to follow.


Bee Design & Build is a prestigious construction firm managing businesses in all the architecture and construction fields ranging from interior design, exterior design, property finishings, construction, contracting, and mega infrastructure projects. Our outstanding output has made a significant role in making a longstanding relationship with our clients that consequently led to winning more deals and contracts consistently.
We value our team of engineers and workers as our partners in the success and the thriving development we are doing in the construction market globally.


Our mission is to gather all the construction and architecture services under one proficient umbrella. We plan, design, build, contract, supervise, decorate and furnish our properties for the firsts time in the Middle East. We proudly address this unique chain of services to cover all the clients’ demands in the same place. 


Our vision is to build a legacy of excellent services in all the construction industry majors by optimizing clients’ targets and building new iconic one-of-a-kind structures worldwide. We aim to reimagine the architecture and interior field with our own futuristic fingerprint.


Build durable: We build buildings for ages. That’s our first concern, to build masterpieces that maintain and enhance their value over years.

Continuously evolve: Our values team is in a dynamic state of evolution to produce high quality and up-to-date technologies that catch up with the expeditious pace of trends.

Cultivate new areas of development: In Bee Design & Build, we want to reach the unexplored areas of investment. We want to lead and that’s why we are always courageous to go further than the safe traditional zone in business.